Business Aviation Compensation Spotlight – Flight Attendant

Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM This article will the last one in the series on compensation trends for certain business aviation positions. While all the surveying agencies have released compensation data for 2020, I've used 2019 compensation data as the end...

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The Direct Link Between Compensation and Safety

Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM Here's a familiar scenario: you're interviewing for a pilot position at a corporate flight department and you hear the usual spiel about safety from the leadership there. "Safety is our first priority," they say, "nothing is more...

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Business Aviation Compensation Spotlight – First Officer

Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM In this installment of my continuing series on business aviation compensation trends, we'll examine the position of "first officer," a position that comes with its own unique set of anomalies. To begin with, in the majority of the...

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